Shipping & Delivery

We’re a small business, so we’re doing things a bit different.

What we do different

Being a small online business, we don’t have the real estate to hold large amounts of stock, have fancy branded packaging or a store for you to come into. This means we have to do things a little differently so we can get products to you.

Place Your Order

We don’t hold a lot of stock, so for most items, we place the order with our supplier when you place the order from us. We never drop ship from china and we always choose to support Australian businesses. Because it’s coming from Australia, it usually doesn’t take too much longer than if we had the stock on-hand. If you need something by a certain date, let us know and we will figure out the best course of action, or even a different supplier who can get it to you quicker!

Recycled Packaging

We don’t have fancy branded packaging and we really do give a hoot about the environment. For the moment we are using bits and bobs of packaging we’ve got around the place, shoe boxes, wine boxes, supplier boxes and old satchels (including old plastic packaging, sorry. If you don’t wish to receive plastic packaging, let us know in the order notes). Moving forward we will be providing packaging that’s home-compostable but we’d like to use what we’ve got first.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

We send all our packages using Sendle, Australians first 100% carbon-neutral delivery service. Sendle has partnered with South Pole Group to offset the emissions of every parcel that is picked up and delivered with Sendle.

Sendle is currently supporting :
Myamyn Conservation Project (Australia)
Madre de Dios Amazon Conservation (Peru)

FREE Shipping on orders over $50

Nothin’ fancy. No ifs or buts. Just spend 50 bucks and we’ll send it to you. Even if it’s a weirdly heavy item that’s super pricey to send, no worries, we’ll wear it. We love you.

Shipping & Delivery FAQ

If you’ve still got questions, we might be able to answer them here. If not, ask us here, on facebook or instagram, we’d love to help.

I've got over $50 in my cart, but it's still charging me for shipping?

That’s wrong. It should be free and there’s something wrong on our end. Contact us and we’ll have it sorted for you quick-smart!

What's the Local Pickup option?

We offer local pickup to people who know where we live, or to people local to Brisbane who are purchasing large items. We hope to expand the local pickup option so you can pick up your items from us at festivals too! If you don’t now us personally, shoot us a message before selecting Local Pickup 🙂

Do you Drop Ship from China?

Nope! The only items we will be drop shipping are GlowFX products. These come directly from the GlowFX warehouse in USA. We really love supporting Australian businesses, so all other items will be coming from within Australia. Some of these items may be made in China, but they are sourced here.

Do you take International Orders?

We sure do! But we like to customise the shipping methods for each international order so there’s no unexpected delays or customs charges. Contact us before placing your order and we’ll work with you on the best shipping method

Will my item be tracked?

Sure will be! The tracking number should be sent to your email. Sendle also tracks who signed for your parcel so if there are any issues, let us know.

Who pays for shipping on returns?

Some items need to be sent back to the manufacturer, and some we can just replace. Depending on the issue will depend on who pays for shipping. Let us know as soon as you have a problem with as much information as you can and we will work with you to decide the best course of action.

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